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iReminder – Interaction based reminder app

Human brain in its totality although is amazing and an enigma, but is very high maintenance. To be able to use it efficiently enables one to be more productive, which most of us try. Although the capacity of brain is almost limitless, but cost of storing and recalling a task especially that you don’t need till sometime would be the first thing that I would like to optimize.

These days communication is too cheap, and almost all of us are connected 24/7 via different mediums (thanks to technology, and social media) but even than we face issues in getting reminded the right task at right point and time. Although time based reminders are present, but they are good to remind you of a particular task that is due at certain time, even now reminders include locations too, but till now reminders based on interactions are not automated.

How often it has happened to you that you want to bounce of an idea, an important task, of a person when he isn’t available. Now you need to store that idea, and recall whenever you interact with that person; and to be honest, it almost always slips, and the idea get delayed or worse, get lost.

You are a sales manager, and have to talk to many clients, keeping track of where the last conversation ended and what new to start becomes challenging, as the clients grow. You get a call, you start sifting through notes to check last interaction notes, spill a coffee maybe.

Wouldn’t it be convenient that you are able to set task that you are reminded on interaction with the respective person?

iReminder is built using the same case in mind, it enables you to store a task/note that you get reminded of once the person interacts with you. Currently it supports incoming SMS, and Call.


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