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Technolectuals Team

syed shoaib ahsan co-founder technolectuals
Hey there!
I'm Shoaib Ahsan

A product management professional having worked in both startups as well as corporate environments over the past 7 years.

Decided to take the plunge by quitting my job and creating my own venture with a bunch of like minded folks. Having started off my professional career as a software engineer and gradually climbing the ranks, I possess a good mixture of both technical nous along with business understanding. During my undergrad days, I worked as a telemarketing agent selling TV subscription over the phone to residents of USA. This allowed me to cultivate my soft skills while at the same time reinforcing the philosophy that empathy is key when it comes to delivering great customer service. All in all, a generalist with a keen interest in creating high impact ideas/startups.

Values that I hold on to:
– Ethics & Transparency
– Humility and Respect
– Trust & Empowerment